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    1. Supporting Veterans, Family Members and Caregivers with Flexible Work Options

    1. Evaluation

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Subject Matter Expert

Emma Plumb

Director, 1 Million for Work Flexibility

From her home office, Emma Plumb serves as Director of 1 Million for Work Flexibility, a national initiative advocating for the broader adoption of flexible work. Emma is a passionate advocate for improving the way that work gets done through increased flexibility. 1MFWF is comprised of a coalition of 100+ companies, business leaders, think tanks, academic institutions, and advocacy groups working to promote a dramatic change of thought around the traditional workplace norm. In her role, Emma champions the idea that we must let go of outdated workplace models that are based on 1950s family structure and technology, and instead embrace new ways of working that make sense for a 21st-century workforce. Emma has worked on hundreds of articles on work/life integration and workplace productivity for the 1MFWF blog and has been published in various outlets including U.S. News and the Huffington Post. She has led or participated in a variety of panels both online and in-person including at the National Press Club. A graduate of Stanford University (with a BS in Symbolic Systems and an MA in Philosophy), Emma lives in Connecticut with her husband and their daughter.