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Subject Matter Expert

Harriet Dominque

Senior Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and Community Affairs, USAA; President, The USAA Educational Foundation

Harriet has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Liberty University and has completed graduate-level courses in organizational leadership, including corporate responsibility coursework at Harvard. Harriet began her career on the front lines at USAA in 1989 answering phone calls as an entry-level member service representative. Since then she has held a variety of positions with increasing accountability and has served in a number of USAA locations including Virginia, Florida, and Arizona. Today, Harriet is responsible for leading USAA’s philanthropic strategies, engagement, and communications. She leads a team whose purpose is to “lead and inspire actions that improve lives in the military and local community.” Harriet also serves as President of The USAA Foundation and President of The USAA Educational Foundation.