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    1. Developing a Military Awareness Program on Campus

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Subject Matter Expert

Todd Kennedy, 1st Sgt., USMC (ret)

Administrator, Military & Veterans Program, San Diego State University

As the Military & Veterans Program Administrator, Todd oversees the daily operation of the Joan and Art Barron Veterans Center at San Diego State University; represents the University at various regional, state, and national venues; is responsible for the implementation of new military/veteran support programming; and is an advocate, adviser, and troubleshooter for administrative and transition challenges faced by the military student body. He came to San Diego State University following a 22-year career in the United States Marine Corps and completed his undergraduate degree in History (summa cum laude) in 2016. He is a past president of the Student Veteran Organization at SDSU; maintains involvement in a number of volunteer and philanthropic ventures; and stays committed to the overall academic success, professional development, and personal growth of today’s military and veteran students. He has been accepted into an Applied Anthropology graduate program at SDSU where his research will focus on the military and veteran identity and the factors which influence various perceptions.