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Sabrina Clark

National Director, Office of Voluntary Service, Department of Veterans Affairs

Sabrina Clark began her career as a Music Therapist in 1992, and has spent her entire tenure in public service with the Department of Veterans Affairs working with Veterans, the community, and in the realm of leadership development. In her current role as Director of Voluntary Service, she has the opportunity to exercise her considerable skill and experience in each of these areas to facilitate the integration of volunteers and community partners into the strategic framework of VHA. In one of the largest integrated volunteer programs in the Federal Government, Ms. Clark leads a dynamic corps of Volunteer Resource Professionals, who manage approximately 131,000 volunteers and donations totaling more than $71 million in 2014. Throughout her career, Ms. Clark has been an advocate for VA employees as a VAVS Training Officer, Learning Consultant with VA Learning University, and an Initiative Coordinator devoted to Supervisor and Management Training.