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Subject Matter Expert

Hannah Hutler-Boyd

Chief Impact Officer, Camp Corral

Hannah Hutler-Boyd is the builder of the Camp Corral programs where she diligently focuses on how best to empower children of wounded, ill, and fallen military heroes. During her seven years with Camp Corral, she consistently increased the number of children served, built strong partnerships with ACA Accredited camps, and required the highest quality of services to be delivered to military-connected families. Now with a strong foundational program, Hannah focuses on the science of empowering military-connected children and their families as she spearheads the kick-off of deeper, more transformative program development with emphasis on research studies, holistic services and advocacy efforts. Hannah holds a M.S. in Camp Administration and Leadership from Touro University and a B.S. in Youth Programming and Camp Management from University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, Hannah brings a deep understanding of the camping industry as well as recreation and enrichment programming to the team. She serves as the subject matter expert on camp, recreation, and child and youth programming and advocates on behalf of military-connected children and their families.