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Suicide Prevention for Caregivers

Military and Veterans caregivers are at an increased risk for suicide and may be caring for someone at-risk as well. It's critical that caregivers, and anyone supporting them, know the simple steps they can take to save a life. This short series of courses provide vital information on suicide prevention within the military-connected community.

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How to Use the Crisis Response Plan: An Introductory Course for People Who Support Veterans

In this course, Dr. Craig Bryan discusses the details of the Crisis Response Plan. He then goes through the five sections of the Crisis Response Plan and details the questions to ask in order to help our loved ones.


What Is the Crisis Response Plan: An Introductory Course for People Who Support Veterans

Those who have served, as well as their families, are at a greater risk of suicide than people without military experience. Join Dr. Craig Bryan for an overview of the Crisis Response Plan and how it has helped Veterans and others who are at risk.


VA S.A.V.E. Preventing Caregiver Suicide

After taking this course, you will develop an understanding of the increased risk for suicide we see in military and Veteran caregivers, identify the signs of an at-risk Veteran caregiver, and know steps you can take to help a Veteran caregiver.


Columbia Scale for Caregivers and Spouses

To create an open, honest discussion about mental health, and to actively prevent more Veterans,and your loved ones, from dying by suicide, caregivers and spouses should use the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale, or C-SSRS.

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