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Communication Skills for Caregivers

Communication is an essential skill for anyone; however, in your role as a caregiver, it is critical that you know how to communicate with your Veteran, and advocate for yourself and your Veterans' needs.

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Communicating With Veterans

This course discusses how to communicate effectively with Veterans using communication tools, such as open-ended questions, affirmations, and reflections.


Finding the Words: Families & Loved Ones

This course provides resources and guidance to help individuals find the words to have critical conversations. Learners will explore five principles to help them confidently connect with their loved ones during a difficult time.


Connecting with the Veteran In Your Life

This course provides information to help caregivers understand and address a lack of connection with the Veteran in their life. The new course incorporates a strengths-based approach to connections between a caregiver and a Veteran.


Leaning In: Investing in a Challenging Relationship

This course is designed for servicemember or Veteran caregivers and provides information to help caregivers identify destructive behaviors in relationships, promote healthy behaviors through communication, and stress reduction skills.

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